2000年に1st ALBUM 「STAND ON THE GROUND」、2002年に2nd ALBUM 「BDHC」(アメリカ、ドイツ、韓国から流通依頼を受ける)をRADICAL EASTからリリース.
その後、 日本中の数千人規模のフェスにも何度も出演する傍ら、若手育成的イベント「男塾」、ヒップホップアーティストとのジョイント企画「STAYGOLD」、 ハードコア色を全面に押し出したイベント「just
look around」などをオーガナイズし、色々な角度からシーンの活性化に貢献している.
関西、日本のシーンにとって絶対に欠かすことのできないバンドの一つ である.

2008年10月 3rd ALBUM「japxxxneizzmmbb」をリリース.
3rd FULL”japxxxneizzmmbb”を発売後、韓国を含め全国30箇所以上のツアーを敢行.
2010年7月、東の盟友AT ONE STROKEとのSPRIT CD 「FAR EAST EVIL 2010」をリリース.

everybody FXXXN mosh!!!!

Formed in 1996. 2 7” EPs released in 1997. Two self-produced demo tapes released in 1998. 1st album “STAND ON THE GROUND” released in 2000 and 2nd album “BDHC” released in 2002 on Radical East Records. (Albums exported to the US, Germany, and S. Korea)
Two domestic 30-day tours plus one international tour after release of second album. Has shared the stage with many international artists. Afterward, performed at outdoor music festivals with thousands of attendees. Participated in the young artist development event “男塾” (Otoko juku). Organized the joint event “STAYGOLD” with hip hop artists. Organized the hardcore event “just look around”. Continuously contributing to the Japanese underground music scene in a variety of ways.
A vital component of the Kansai music scene and Japanese music scene in general. 3rd album “japxxxneizzmmbb” released in October 2008 followed by a 30-day tour including stops in S. Korea.
Released the split CD “FAR EAST EVIL 2010” with AT ONE STROKE in July 2010. everybody FXXXN mosh!!!!

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