1998年にGuカンベ、Voチュウジョウ、Baケイタ、Guか~やん、Dr児玉により京都で結成。同年1stDEMOTAPEを発表。滋賀のJIMHOLEと共にイベント「GROUND ZERO」を主催し京都HARDCOREの基盤を築いていく。1999年に2ndplus1、可燃引火、Evilmixと7inchLP「Virsus for 2×2 Loud」をリリース。同年にJIMHOLEとスプリットCD「way of life,loud and spirit」をBaddest Museumよりリリース。日本全国で積極的なLIVE活動を展開。2000年に関西メタルバンドのオムニバスCD「琥怒猛塊」やミクスチャー・メロディックバンドとのオムニバスVIDEO「High Tribe」に参加。イベントも積極的に主催し、All Out War、Mind Snare、Murphy`s Law等を京都へ招聘。2001年には単独音源となる「VIBRATE YOUR SOULS」をHardcore Kitchenよりリリース。同年同じくHardcore Kitchenよりリリースされた「Tribute To John Holmez」にも参加。2002年にNUMB主催の日本全国HARDCOREバンドを集めたCD「URBAN WARFARE」に京都代表として参加。


CRANK formed in Kyoto in 1998 with an original lineup of Kanbe playing first guitar, Kaayan playing second second guitar, Chujo doing vocals, Keita playing bass, and Kodama playing drums, and released their first demo tape the same year. They laid the foundation for the Kyoto hardcore scene by organizing the event “GROUND ZERO” together with Saga band JIMHOLE. In 1999, CRANK released the 7-inch LP “Virsus for 2×2 Loud” with 2ndplus1, 可燃引火 (Kanen Inka), and Evilmix. Later on in the same year they released a split CD entitled “way of life, loud and spirit” with JIMHOLE on the Baddest Museum label while also maintaining an aggressive live schedule. In 2000, CRANK contributed songs to the “琥怒猛塊” (Kodomokai) Kansai metal compilation CD and the “High Tribe” mixture/melodic punk compilation video. They continued to organize events, inviting bands like All Out War, Mind Snare, and Murphy’s Law to Kyoto. In 2001, they released their “VIBRATE YOUR SOULS” album independently on the Hardcore Kitchen label. CRANK also contributed a song to the “Tribute to John Holmez” compilation CD, which was released in the same year on the same label. The following year in 2002, CRANK represented Kyoto when it contributed to the  Japanese hardcore compilation CD “URBAN WARFARE”, which was organized and produced by NUMB.

Members have come and gone, and the current members of CRANK are spread all over the country. However, they still manage to play a few shows every year.

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